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Getting rid of daily links

When I started using, I thought using a script to post my daily links to a draft post in WordPress was a good idea. The script would run at midnight, I’d come in the next morning, take a quick look, and then post the links. Unfortunately, I found two things happening. One, I was […]

Today's links for 3-29-06

Shared bookmarks for user Tom Markiewicz on 2006-03-29 Podbop – We podcast bands coming to your town: Keywords: mp3, podcast, podcasting Dousing the Flames of Burnout: Strategic adviser Michael Staver says the best thing entrepreneurs can do for themselves is to know when it’s time to take a break Keywords: business, entrepreneurship, management, strategy

Today's links for 3-28-06

Shared bookmarks for user Tom Markiewicz on 2006-03-28 How to bluff your way in CSS: How To:Bluff Your Way In CSS Keywords: css, howto, presentation, sxsw Friendster lost steam. Is MySpace just a fad?: Keywords: myspace, networking, social, socialnetworking

Today's links for 3-22-06

Shared bookmarks for user Tom Markiewicz on 2006-03-22-06 AJAX Magazine: Keywords: ajax, javascript, xml co.mments – Recently added conversations: another comment tracker Keywords: blogs, comments, web2.0

Today's links for 3-21-06

Shared bookmarks for user Tom Markiewicz on 2006-03-21 Creating Passionate Users: Ultra-fast release cycles and the new plane: Keywords: design, userexperience O’Reilly Radar > Web Development 2.0: great summary points of trends in web 2.0 application development Keywords: development, oreilly, web2.0

Today's links for 3-19-06

Shared bookmarks for user Tom Markiewicz on 2006-03-19 Community Server: online community software Keywords: CMS, community MyHomePoint: family organization web application Keywords: family, organization, web, web2.0

Today's links for 3-18-06

Shared bookmarks for user Tom Markiewicz on 2006-03-18 23 real simple steps to making your Internet life much better – Chicago Tribune | Eric Zorn: Keywords: RSS CSS Basics – Making Cascading Style Sheets Easy to Understand: Keywords: css, design, reference, web, webdesign

Today's links for 3-17-06

Shared bookmarks for user Tom Markiewicz on 2006-03-17 Revver: share and make money off your videos Keywords: hosting, sharing, video Startup strategy and tactics for entrepreneurs and small business owners: large amount of startup resources nicely categorized Keywords: entrepreneurship, startups

Today's links for 3-16-06

Shared bookmarks for user Tom Markiewicz on 2006-03-16 Innovation Creators: The Next Wave in Productivity Tools – Web Office: web office white paper Keywords: productivity, web2.0 Running a Hatchery for Replicant Hackers – New York Times: article on Paul Graham’s Y Combinator program Keywords: entrepreneurship, incubators, startups

Today's links for 3-9-06

Shared bookmarks for user Tom Markiewicz on 2006-3-9 A tip on writing AdWords ads (FrogBlog): Keywords: advertising, adwords, google Joel on Software – Fire And Motion: Keywords: development, productivity, software