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SXSW: Sink or swim, the five most important startup decisions

Consisting of some big names in web and software startups, this panel was mainly interesting due to these headliners. On the panel were Evan Williams (CEO of Odeo), Joshua Schachter (creator of, Joel Spolsky (CEO of Fog Creek Software), Michael Lopp (Sr Engineering Mgr at Apple), and Cabel Sasser (co-founder of Panic). There wasn’t […]

SXSW: Starting Small, Web Business for the Rest of Us

This panel was primarily about becoming a freelance design professional or starting a small consulting business. The panelists created a site to correspond with the panel at Here are the notes: – first steps for starting a small business thereâ??s a time you need to take the plunge and quit work ideally, have a […]

SXSW: Wisdom of Crowds

James Surowiecki, the author of The Wisdom of Crowds, talked about the power of large groups to make intelligent decisions. I’ve not read his book, but after his presentation I’ve added it to wish list on Amazon. Here are the notes:

SXSW: Ajax, what do I need to know?

The Ajax panel covered the basics including an excellent review of the existing Ajax toolkits as well as a discussion of the negatives surrounding its usage. The panel consisted of Dylan Schiemann (Dojo, Renkoo), Dori Smith, and Jesse James Garrett (Adaptive Path). Here are the notes:

SXSW: Looking for XML in all the wrong places

This panel covered a lot of ground regarding XML. From a survey of the audience by the moderator, Thomas Myer of Triple Dog Dare Media, the vast majority of the audience was currently using XML in their projects. Interestingly, more audience members were consuming XML than creating it. Here are some of the notes from […]

SXSW: panels

I’m going to start posting some notes I took on the panels and keynotes I’ve attending at SXSW. I know I’m a bit behind on this, but I didn’t have time during the conference to skim through my notes and make sure they were coherent. A few disclaimers though on these summaries. First, these are […]

SXSW: opening remarks

Jason Fried (37 Signals) and Jim Coudal (Coudal Partners) delivered the opening remarks on building big things with small teams. Each gave a nice summary of their design, development, and overall business philosophies. Fried’s comments were particularly interesting as I just bought his latest book, Getting Real, late last week and started reading it on […]

SXSW: arrival

Well, I arrived in Austin yesterday for SXSW. I scheduled a flight for a bit earlier on Friday so I’d have a chance to check out some of the local rock climbing in Austin. After numerous delays in getting to Austin from San Antonio’s airport (Austin has some serious traffic issues), I managed to get […]