SXSW: RSS: Not Just for Blogs Anymore

I was hoping to get more out of this panel, especially from the speakers assembled, but they specifically included time (half of that allotted) for audience show and tell. This was ok, but not exactly what I was expecting. Direct from industry leaders to your ears, the newest ideas and developments in the world of Really Simple Syndication (RSS). The panelists were Adina Levin (VP Prod, Socialtext), Scott Johnson (founder, Feedster), Christopher Frye (VP Engineering, FeedBurner), and Robyn DeuPree (Sr

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SXSW: microformats

I missed this panel at SXSW, but was interested in learning more about microformats. Designed for humans first and machines second, microformats are a set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards. Instead of throwing away what works today, microformats intend to solve simpler problems first by adapting to current behaviors and usage patterns (e.g. XHTML, blogging). I found Tantek Ã?elik’s (Chief Technologist, Technorati) slides from SXSW entitled Microformats: Evolving the Web and I highly

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SXSW: Bootstrapping your digital convergence business

The bootstrapping panel was moderated by Bijoy Goswami, founder of Bootstrap Austin, CEO of Aviri, and author of The Human Fabric. The official SXSW description of this panel was: Bootstrap your venture with little to no startup capital like Michael Dell! Learn the rules of bootstrapping from successful bootstrappers in publishing, software and art. One of the more interesting concepts put forth by Bijoy was the three stages of a bootstrapped company: ideation, valley of death, and growth. Ideation and

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SXSW: Building a Start-Up Technology Company

The panel, building a start-up technology company, was actually a presentation by Dirk Knemeyer (Principal, Involution Studios LLC). Dirk’s session was a great summary of the nuts and bolts of building a technology business from scratch. Here are the notes:

SXSW: the trade show

The trade show at SXSW was a mixed bag for me. Companies with film related services filled the majority of the spots, but there were some interesting companies I spoke with more inclined to my interests and business. The highlights were Stickam (multimedia communication tool for blogs and other web sites), eyespot (edit and combine your videos online), m-Qube (mobile content) and Triple Dog Dare Media (content management, PHP and XML development). Other related booths at the trade show included

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SXSW: Perfect pitch, how to attract more money for your digital convergence business

The panel had a nice balance of entrepreneurs who have taken funding, angels, and VCs. The panel’s official description was the following: In order to successfully secure funding, entrepreneurs need to be prepared to answer tough questions from potential investors. What types of things do investors look for when making funding decisions? What is the best way to approach investors? Which investors are the right ones to approach? What are potential warning signs to investors and how can weaknesses in

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SXSW: Designing the Next Generation of Web Apps

Designing the next generation of web apps was an attractive panel again for the individual panelists. They included Mena Trott (co-founder and president of Six Apart), George Oates (founding member of the team that built Flickr), Evan Williams (CEO of Odeo), Jeffrey Veen (lead developer of Measure Map), and Eric Rodenbeck (director of Stamen Design). SXSW described the panel as:

SXSW: Building buzz for your web project

The building buzz panel covered ideas and techniques for increasing the buzz for web projects without spending money on advertising. Here are the notes: – on creating a brand make yourself part of the brand; make yourself, employees, and fans famous need a face or a central figure to the venture myspace is important tool â?? regardless of opinion of it, you have to be on there (Joanna Angel)

SXSW: Cluetrain, 7 years later

This session discussed The Cluetrain Manifesto and what has happened in the 7 years since it was published. Doc Searls, one of the original authors, highlighted the panel. Here are the notes:

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