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Entrepreneurial proverbs

There’s a nice post over at O’Reilly Radar by Marc Hedlund on entrepreneurial proverbs. Marc gives advice on entrepreneurship for the engineers and geeks. Regardless of your background, these are some of the best and most concise points I’ve read. He breaks down the advice into a few categories: starting, the idea, people, product, and money.

One of my favorites is in the “starting” section:

It’s good to be king — being an entrepreneur is the best job I’ve had. Every day your job is new and different; you constantly have to push yourself in new directions. You no longer have to say, “Well, I’m just an engineer, but…” — you have a great excuse to take an interest in everything. Working in an environment you shaped to your own beliefs about how a company should be run is incredible (and humbling!). And of course there are sometimes financial rewards, although it’s still a great job regardless.

Definitely give this a read no matter where you are in the startup game. Some of this advice you may already know, but each piece of advice is worth absorbing.

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