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NewsGator’s RSS feed reading clients are now free

There’s big news today in the world of RSS feeds. NewsGator has just announced that their entire suite of RSS feed reader clients (NetNewsWire, FeedDemon, NewsGator Inbox, and NewsGator Go!) are now free.

On the heels on announcing a $12 million financing round last month, Greg Reinacker (NewsGator’s founder and CTO) writes about what led the company to make all the NewsGator clients free:

What we’re working to do is to saturate the market with our clients. Anyone who wants a rich experience for consuming content, or anyone who uses multiple computers or devices and wants a best-of-breed experience on each can now use our clients. Using a Mac at home, along with an iPhone? NetNewsWire and our iPhone reader will sync up. Have a PC at the office? FeedDemon will sync with your other two applications. And they’ll all sync with NewsGator Online. It all just works.

…we’ve found that when we go into an enterprise to sell NewsGator Enterprise Server (NGES) and Social Sites, there are already a ton of people using one of our desktop apps already. The more folks are already using them, the easier it is to sell our server products – especially since these client apps can sync with NGES directly. So, the more the merrier – we’re going to make sure that everyone who wants to use our apps can do so, without having to climb over the hump of having to dig out their credit card.

I’ve written about NewsGator’s products in the past and NetNewsWire is one application on my Mac I couldn’t live without. And before my Mac, I said the same about FeedDemon.

What I love about the NewsGator platform is the ability to move from desktop to mobile and have all my feed reading synchronize. If you haven’t tried their products, there’s nothing holding you back now.

It’s great to see a company make a smart business move that positively benefits customers.

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