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Picassa 2 released free by Google

A new version of Picassa was released today by Google. Highlights include photo emailing via Gmail and publishing directly to Blogger.

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  1. This is a great wee program to use. It performs well as a browser to view all your files, has some fairly basic adjustment controls and a very easy to use filter selection. the timeline is a very nice touch in the way it is presented. As a true Scotsman I can only add it’s great value for money.

  2. Yeah I do agree Picasa is easy to use and easy to pick up. However, I’ve got this one thing …the file dir structure is horrendours

  3. Good point Edwin. I find myself only using Picassa when I want to quickly upload a set of pictures to the web without having to write any HTML. There is a nice option in Picassa that allows export to HTML with some clean formatting options and the ability to create thumbnails automatically.

  4. I tried to download Picassa2 but want the instructions in English as I live in Cyprus and prefer English if possible.

    Yours sincerely,
    Anna Kakoulli