The formula for building web applications

I read this article on Mashable (via Fred Wilson‘s tweet) and had to post this quote on building web applications: Determine a basic need -> Create a service that satisfies it in the simplest way possible -> Open it up. It sounds simple, but it’s not; determining a basic human need, like the need to share photos or the need to communicate with short text messages is a hit and miss affair. … I believe now that in many cases

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Small Business Backup System Using Amazon S3

My friend Thomas Myer has a great article up on the Amazon Web Services Developer Connection on Building a Small Business Backup System Using Amazon S3. When you run a small business, you’re usually running too fast and hard to think about data backups. Then something terrible happensâ??a hardware failure, an employee or contractor gets sloppy and kills a month’s worth of workâ??and you realize that you better slow down and figure out a few things. If you’re like me,

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