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The Rise Of JSON

An interesting perspective on why JSON has become so popular compared to XML from MIX Online: The Rise Of JSON: There is the simple fact that JSON is smaller as a payload than XML. And no doubt JSON is less verbose than XML.  But there’s much more to it than just size.  The crux has to […]

Boxed Ice on Running a Successful Beta

Boxed Ice, creators of Server Density, wrote up a nicely detailed post on how to run a successful beta program for a web application. Knowing when to release a product is difficult. The maxim “release early, release often” certainly applies but that has to be balanced against making sure you have a minimum viable product […]

Hulu first impressions

I recently received a beta invite from NBC Universal and News Corp’s new video venture, Hulu. After watching some videos, I’m impressed with what they’ve done for a beta release. Hulu offers both full-length shows and clips from current programming as well as classics from its back catalog. In their words, Hulu offers current primetime […]

NetBank closes after failed deal

Wow, talk about good timing. I just closed my accounts at NetBank two weeks ago and moved them to EverBank. Now I see that NetBank has officially shutdown. NetBank has steadily declined over the years, but I had been with them so long (7 years) it just wasn’t worth the trouble to move my accounts. […]

Micro-blogging with Tumblr

I’ve been experimenting with Tumblr for a little while now and I really enjoy the service as a solution for micro-blogging combined with Twitter. I’ve previously discussed Twitter as a solution for lifeblogging, but it lacks the capability to post links, pictures, and videos. Tumblr enables the importing of any feed in addition to posting […]

Twitter distractions

I realized my Twittering has temporarily slowed down my blogging. I’m not really sure whether this is good or bad, but I know I have less Twitter followers than blog and feed readers so I’m going to try to even all my posting out between my blog, Twitter, and my tumblelog. I’m finding that Twitter […]