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The year of RSS?

I read an interesting article (via NewsGator blog) from USA Today Technology writer Kevin Maney on his 2006 predictions. The relevant one to EvolvePoint is that 2006 will be the year of RSS.

RSS will become the biggest thing since …

The Web browser? Beanie Babies? Salt? Hard to say yet. But there is no shortage of effusiveness about Real Simple Syndication, or RSS â?? software code used to deliver news stories, blogs and other items via the Internet to your computer screen on readers such as My Yahoo or NewsGator. The prediction is that RSS will become the primary way everyone accesses stuff on the Web.

As my company is 100% focused on helping businesses and organizations use RSS to distribute their content, I obviously agree wholeheartedly that RSS will be big this year. Specifically, I think Microsoft will be the primary driver behind more widespread adoption as they bake RSS into all of their product releases.

With regards to RSS completely displacing email, this is not going to happen. Both RSS and email will have their place for every user. My hope is that RSS will allow email to return to its original purpose – one to one communication and/or one to small group communication as opposed to what we have now. More on this thought will be coming in future posts.

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