Virginia Tech Tragedy

What a horrible day. I’ve received several inquires today from a couple mainstream media outlets (CBS Evening News, Washington Post) regarding the tragedy that has unfolded today at Virginia Tech. A blog post I wrote on the last shooting that occurred in August 2006 has been getting a lot of traffic today as everyone has been scrambling for news as the events unfolded in Blacksburg.

I was unable to provide any additional information today as luckily I wasn’t on campus. I was working at a client site in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center nearby, as the class I teach is only on Tuesday/Thursday.

For the best news and updates on this situation, visit Planet Blacksburg, a student-run news site. Numerous locals have also been twittering throughout the day. My twitter updates are here.

UPDATE: Roanoke Times breaking news

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  • My thoughts and prayers are with your Va Tech family. Unbelievable. As an engineering postdoc, when I first heard that Norris Hall was an engineering building, I felt a special affinity with the victims, possibly people I know. I am in the process of starting a blog resource for grad students and post-docs. More details to follow later, especially after we come to grips with this ordeal. For now, Tom, I hope yo keep in touch with you (just switched to Mac, big GTD fan, and aspiring blogger)and to tap into your knowledge and expertise. Again, my condolences.

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