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Writing again, with a new focus

With the move of EvolvePoint to Blacksburg and the Virginia Tech’s Corporate Research Center, I’ve been very slack in writing to my blog. Now that things are settling down a bit (emphasis on “a bit”) I plan on writing much more often. Come to think of it, I think I’ve said these words before, but this time I mean it!

One of the topics I’ll be expanding on is the actual experiences and growth of company in an incubator. In this case, I’ll specifically be writing about EvolvePoint’s progress in VT KnowledgeWorks. I will still write about anything and everything I find interesting especially in the business and technology arena. But I think readers will find it interesting to hear about a technology startup in a slightly different situation than many others. Technology incubators were quite the rage in the tech bubble, but in my opinion they were never really done quite right. Too much promotion and for-profit on their part and not enough genuine interest in growing and building companies. I feel that VT KnowledgeWorks falls into the latter category and that’s why my company is here in Blacksburg. I wrote previously on why we moved the company, but I hope to write more about some of the experiences and happenings with the program.

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