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eduWeb Conference recap

I just wanted to provide a quick summary of the eduWeb Conference last week in Baltimore where I presented on “Using RSS for Marketing”. The presentation went well and there was a nice crowd of conference-goers interested in using RSS for marketing especially in higher education. From what I saw, the conference was set up well including the division of topics into three tracks – marketing, development, and marketing/development. A full list of the sessions can be found here. Unfortunately, my schedule didn’t permit me to see as many of the other presenters as I would have liked, but there was some live blogging during the conference and an aggregation of the posts can be found at

My presentation slides can be found here (PDF, 2MB).

UPDATE: Presentations for most speakers as well as a podcast are available here.

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  1. Hi Tom –

    Great meeting you at the edu Conference, I enjoyed your presentation as well. Looking forward to chatting in the near future!


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