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FeedMiner updates released

FeedMiner, EvolvePoint’s RSS feed search engine, had some major upgrades released today. These are not the type of improvements you see just from looking at the web pages, but they become apparent as you begin to perform some feed searches (especially if you have used the service since we launched). While in beta, we’ve had some great feedback and steadily increased traffic (Alexa Traffic Ranking now of 124,387 and a Google Page Rank of 5). But there were a few improvements that had to be made performance-wise to continue our success.

The main enhancement to FeedMiner was an improved indexing process that produces more updated and relevant results. This, along with several other back-end developments, should significantly improve the user experience when searching for feeds. We’ve also been able to significantly increase the number of feeds we monitor, but we know for the end user that number can never be high enough!

Give the new FeedMiner a try and let us know any comments you may have.

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