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Closing EvolvePoint and FeedCraft

Last month I announced to all our FeedCraft customers that EvolvePoint would be shutting down the service. I’ll be writing more about why I think the product did not become as successful as planned; but regardless of the reasons, the economic realities made the decision inevitable. I founded EvolvePoint in 2004 initially performing management and […]

New employee and blogger

I want to officially welcome George Woods to EvolvePoint! As he started almost two weeks ago, this welcome is a little belated. George is a summer intern and will be working on a variety of development projects within the company. He also recently started blogging, so check out his blog. George is off to a […]

Managing content with RSS

Seth Godin had some nice words about our FeedCraft product yesterday in his post, “If you have more than 100 pages of content…” But what if you don’t have a blog? What if you have a catalog? Or thousands of pages of web content? What if it’s Picasso’s birthday and you want to ping your […]

Speaking at NCTC Technology & Toast

I’ll be speaking about RSS and EvolvePoint tomorrow morning at the NCTC Technology & Toast along with Jim Flowers (VT KnowledgeWorks) and Jim Barney (Click & Pledge). If you’re located in Southwest Virginia, come on out for some breakfast in Blacksburg. Details are available at the NCTC site.

EvolvePoint blog

I want to announce the new EvolvePoint blog here for anyone who’s interested in keeping up with the developments of the company and our products. From time to time, the content on this blog will overlap, but it won’t be a planned occurrence. The goal of the company blog is to consolidate information that has […]

FeedCraft officially launched

As I previously mentioned, EvolvePoint officially launched our FeedCraft service today. FeedCraft is a web-based service that allows businesses to create and track RSS feeds without installing software or creating a blog for the sole purpose of having RSS feeds. We have a free version of the service, so I encourage anyone who’s interested to […]

New EvolvePoint web site launched

EvolvePoint launched its newly redesigned web site yesterday and I have to say it turned out fantastic. At the same time we were redesigning the EvolvePoint site, our new service, FeedCraft, was also being integrated into the same look and feel as the EvolvePoint corporate site. To do both of these together actually took a […]

FeedMiner updates released

FeedMiner, EvolvePoint’s RSS feed search engine, had some major upgrades released today. These are not the type of improvements you see just from looking at the web pages, but they become apparent as you begin to perform some feed searches (especially if you have used the service since we launched). While in beta, we’ve had […]

FeedCraft beta launch

EvolvePoint’s newest service, FeedCraft, has been launched as a soft beta. By that I mean that we’re having a small number of selected beta customers on the service and we’ll expand that in several rounds of testing before our production release. FeedCraft is an RSS feed creation and management service. The service allows you to […]

FeedMiner launched

A shameless plug today for my company’s latest product, the beta release of FeedMiner. FeedMiner is a search engine for RSS and Atom feeds. What makes FeedMiner a little different is that we only search feeds and provide a clean user interface. No blogs or any other web pages. After performing a search, the results […]