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New rock climbing blog site

One of my non-professional passions is climbing in all its forms. I’ve been an avid rock and ice climber for many years now and instead of cluttering this blog with talk of climbing, I’ve started a separate site just for climbing topics. Named All Climbing, and as the name suggests, this is a blog dedicated to climbing. From my preliminary research, there appears to be few, if any, blogs dedicated to climbing. So this new blog may be lonely for a while, but I doubt it will remain that way for long.

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  1. Hi Tom,

    I just did exactly the same thing – I have a technical programming blog, and came back from a trip up Jbel Toubkal with so much to say that I thought I should set up a new blog to contain it all and keep the original on-topic.

    I must admit I’ve been disappointed with the low-level of blogging in the climbing community. If there are climbing blogs out there, they’re mostly hard to find. I’m thinking of setting up an RSS aggregator to gather the latest climbing news in one place, just need to get the time to do it, I guess…

    Best of luck with All Climbing


  2. Hi Al,

    I hope you do set up that RSS aggregator i do a lot of outdoor activities in my spare time i am just a rookie when it comes to climbing i usually go on a high rope course to build my confidence and will start climbing more in time.

    I would like to start a blog up myself sometime but i currently dont have the time. Hope to see more climbing blogs in future.

  3. Climbing is not only a hobby, it is life! Take a look at the web site and get inspired. More than 100 climbing areas listed in Europe, a lot (thousands) of pictures from the areas, climbing pictures, maps and climbing guide lines that cover more than 20.000 routes.

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  5. It nice of you to feature not only a specific type of climbing but as a broader sense as well. I agree with mike, people think that climbing is a hobby, however, for us climbers, climbing is a passion, it is an adventure (and as most of us use to say “life is a great adventure”). Anyway, thanks for featuring this. I really hope that you could also feature some picture of interesting places to climb. Thanks!!

    — stephen

  6. Hey y’all,

    I am in my 4th year of solid climbing and am absolutely addicted. I am from and primarily climb in the Portland, Oregon area and at Smith Rock. Smith Rock has hundreds of world class climbing routes ranging all over the board.

    For those who are first starting or want further instruction I went through hub world travel. They have some great guides that are patient and can cater to all skill levels. I was able to jump into the 12’s on top rope and improve my lead climbing to 5.10-hard. The guide who taught me was George Alikin who is a great climber and extremely knowledgeable about the sport and many other climbing areas in the nation.

    I would definitely recommend this guiding company for anyone interested in learning to climb, those who want to improve their skills, or even those new to the area.


  7. I found you here from Google by searching “Climbing Blogs.” It’s nice to see climbers blog. I host a blog myself ( and feature outdoor activities I’ve done, but lately since I focus more on climbing, I feel like my blog starts to act like a climbing blog. =) I am addicted to climbing ever since I start to trad.

  8. Is rock climbing a good way to get strong and in shape?
    I am sort of already in shape but I would like to get stronger and get more muscle. I like rock climbing, and just got a membership to a local rock climbing gym. Will this help me get strong and how long will it take?

    1. Absolutely! It depends on what you mean by strong though. Being strong for climbing will take a commitment and climbing several days per week. As for overall strength, I'm not so climbing is the best path for gaining more muscle. Most climbers aim to be lean and not necessarily more musculature except what's needed for us to excel at our sport.

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