Twitter Tools Digest Problem

I’d like to apologize this morning for about ten errant posts that were made to my blog. This mainly affected those subscribed to the feed and I was able to quickly remove the posts, but I’d like to briefly explain what happened. I’ve been using the Twitter Tools plugin for quite a while to post my most recent tweets to the blog sidebar. The newly released version of Twitter Tools had an option to create a weekly digest of Twitter

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Web analytics services and Performancing's mistake

Center Networks has a great overview of the available options for web analytics. I’ve tried many of these services, but each of them have been lacking in some way. The following services are briefly covered: Clicky, eXTReMe Tracking, Google Analytics, Mint, and Quantcast. One service I tried recently that wasn’t mentioned was Performancing Metrics which has a robust set of features and a modest monthly charge for full access. Clicky looked interesting, but upon arriving at the home page it

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Strategic marketing with blogs for your business

Last week I spoke at a conference on expanding a business beyond the local region. My talk focused on using blogs, feeds, and social networks for marketing a business and expanding its presence. One of the questions that came up was how to respond to negative comments and posts from users and detractors. In other words, should we use these types of Internet services to react or respond to bloggers who may be attacking my business? My first response was

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Micro-blogging with Tumblr

I’ve been experimenting with Tumblr for a little while now and I really enjoy the service as a solution for micro-blogging combined with Twitter. I’ve previously discussed Twitter as a solution for lifeblogging, but it lacks the capability to post links, pictures, and videos. Tumblr enables the importing of any feed in addition to posting all the links and multi-media I find interesting and want to share without composing a full blog post. I setup Tumblr to automatically import all

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Twitter distractions

I realized my Twittering has temporarily slowed down my blogging. I’m not really sure whether this is good or bad, but I know I have less Twitter followers than blog and feed readers so I’m going to try to even all my posting out between my blog, Twitter, and my tumblelog. I’m finding that Twitter is working great for my life blogging initiative, but the service is extremely limited when it comes time to construct some deeper thoughts. Being limited

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Site redesign

In the spirit of CSS Reboot, I finally redesigned my site. I didn’t actually create something entirely original, but performed some heavy modifications to a modified upon modified theme called Freedom Blue. A good portion of this theme fit my needs and provided a nice base for my modifications and some WordPress plugins I wanted to try. I’m now using two great plugins by Alex King – Articles and Twitter Tools. It took me a lot longer than expected to

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Arrived in Austin at SXSW

Just like last year, I’m not sure how much real-time blogging of the SXSW conference I’ll actually be doing. I’ll probably end up twittering most of it and then taking notes on good old fashioned notepads. I’ll then transcribe some of the most useful of those notes into posts on SXSW later. If you’re here for SXSW, check out the panel I’m moderating Sunday morning at 10am, Using RSS for Marketing. Technorati Tags: sxsw

The day after my story was Netscaped

I’m not sure if there is a coined term for Netscape like “slashdotted” or “digged” yet, but my recent post on the troubles I saw with Netscape was promoted to their home page Friday and I saw heavy traffic to my site. In an incredible turn of irony, my post criticizing Netscape’s practices made it to the number two slot on the home page and was there for almost the whole day. The fact that it was not censored and left

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Improve your writing with readability statistics

I stumbled on a great tip this morning for improving your writing while reading a post on Michael Stelzner’s white paper blog. In the post, he refers to an analysis of an HP white paper by Eric Rosen. While an interesting before and after study of how to use better written language in a white paper, what really caught my attention was a set of images after the comparison (you can see a sample to the right). These readability stats looked like they

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The new Netscape is a joke

The morning of the shooting in Blacksburg, Virginia I wrote a post that I updated during the day briefly chronicling the events as they occurred and my personal perspective as a professional working in Blacksburg. It was not meant to be a major journalistic piece, just a blog post from a citizen. Just for the heck of it, I decided to try posting the link to Netscape to see how the new Digg clone worked. Later that day I noticed significant traffic

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