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Performancing Blog Extension for FireFox

Performancing released a FireFox extension today that allows for blogging right within FireFox 1.5 (via Micro Persuasion). This is impressive stuff. Flock built an entirely new browser based on this concept. All I could think about when I tested Flock was why someone didn’t just write a FireFox extension for this functionality. There are a few polishing touches I’d like to see before I’d use this on a daily basis (primarily the ability to specify draft vs. publish status on a post), but this is amazingly useful. Good job guys.

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  1. I actually already use SpellBound in FireFox. It’s probably one of the most useful extensions I’ve found yet. I initially couldn’t get it working with v1.5, but now it’s operating as usual. I’m still not sold on the Performancing extension yet, but with some more minor features (again I need save as draft) I can see it being a primary method of blog authoring. I currently use the native WordPress editor and with SpellBound, I have everything I need.

  2. Uh no we, Flock, did not “built an entirely new browser based on this concept.” We are at the beginning of building “a new browser” (Firefox at its core) around the concept of a consistent, complete user experience for the emerging participation Web.

    Seasons greetings,
    Lloyd D Budd
    Flock QA (Qommunity and quality Assurance)

  3. Lloyd,

    Your point is well taken. I overstated my point about the Performancing plugin by inplying that Flock was built around that single feature.

    I do still believe though that Flock has an uphill climb as many of the concepts emphasized by Flock are (or can be) added to Firefox.