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SXSW: Using RSS for Marketing

Since Using RSS for Marketing was the panel I moderated, I don’t have any actual live notes. As a 10am Sunday morning panel, I was worried no one would be in the room due to the daylight savings time change (and the late night partying). I was relieved to see we had a packed room by the time the panel started.

The panel went quite well in my opinion as we accomplished my goal of covering the topics we laid out in advance. With such a limited time for a broad topic, our objective was to bring certain issues and ideas to the forefront on RSS and its marketing uses. I think all the panelists would agree that with more time, we would have enjoyed diving deeper into examples and specifics on RSS marketing tactics.

My strategy for assembling the panel was to get a group together that I wanted to have a conversation and with some advance discussion, I feel this came across in the panel as we had a nice rapport.

John was attributed with this great quote during the panel:

If you have a crappy marketing message RSS is only going to make it easier to spread your crappy message.

Amen. Remember that RSS is only the distribution medium and not an end in itself.

I also found numerous reviews and live blogging accounts of the panel. Check them out for a full recap.

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Thanks again to my panelists as well as all the attendees. I had a great time doing the panel.

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