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New desktop applications for Getting Things Done

I’ve written before about the popular productivity concept, Getting Things Done (GTD). I’ve come across a few new tools that attempt to make GTD a bit easier. While productivity tools integrate with all types of web and desktop applications, I decided to take a look at a few new desktop applications dedicated specifically to the […]

Brief productivity tips

I read these two tidbits in a productivity email newsletter from David Allen (originator/author of Getting Things Done): A couple of courtesy reminders that (based on my current experience) deserve repeating: (1) When you leave your number on someone√Ę??s voicemail or answering machine, speak it slowly, and then slowly REPEAT it. Put yourself in the […]

GTD with Gmail

While trying to learn as much as possible about Getting Things Done (prior post), I saw a post from Slacker Manager referencing GTD with Gmail. To this point, I haven’t been the biggest fan of Gmail, but it was very interesting to see how someone is incorporating Getting Things Done (GTD) with their own preferences […]

Getting things done

I recently started reading a new book entitled Getting Things Done by David Allen. I’m sure many have heard of this title, as did I, but I finally picked it up to see if I could add some more efficiency to the “to-do” overload I have. Being better organized, no matter how small an increase, […]