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Web Workers Unite!

Om Malik has ventured off and started his own media empire. I’ve enjoyed Om’s writing for quite some time, so it was a pleasant surprise to see him starting a blog focused on the web workers of the world called Web Worker Daily.

TechCrunch had a post on the launch a couple days ago and I’ve been reading the posts since then. The blog focuses on the distributed and remote workers who rely on the Internet, laptops, and mobile devices to perform their work. With the increased availability of telecommuting as well as the proliferation of virtual teams, this blog is a welcome addition.

Additionally, a great book that makes a nice starting point for this site is Dan Pink’s Free Agent Nation. I read this one a few years ago and it was an excellent read. Pink discusses the new trend of independent workers or free agents. Instead of a how-to book on entrepreneurship, Free Agent Nation was more informative and even inspirational for those considering striking out on their own. With so much tumult in today’s corporate environments, working for yourself and controlling your own destiny is the only true form of job security.

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