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Online polls with PollDaddy

Richard MacManus of Read/WriteWeb writes that PollDaddy has launched into public beta. I’ve seen so many of these apps that I’ve largely ignored them. I figured if and when I had a need for a poll, I’d go check them all out. PollDaddy looked simple enough to get started though that I finally tried creating a […]

Project Time Tracking Tools

Om Malik has a post on project time tracking over at the Web Worker Daily blog. His post is only a question to the readers regarding what they use for time tracking their various projects, but the comments are filled with great suggestions including: Web: FreshBooks ( Basecamp ( Tick ( SlimTimer ( Harvest ( […]

Web Workers Unite!

Om Malik has ventured off and started his own media empire. I’ve enjoyed Om’s writing for quite some time, so it was a pleasant surprise to see him starting a blog focused on the web workers of the world called Web Worker Daily. TechCrunch had a post on the launch a couple days ago and I’ve […]

Web 2.0 Logo Creator

When I saw the Web 2.0 Logo Creator site, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry… As you can see from the above image, they do a great job of creating a Web 2.0 looking logo and thus the humor. Slap on those two ever present features – reflection and the beta tag – […]

Criagslist expansion

Craigslist launched a large group of local sites in June. Among them are Roanoke and Blacksburg. This is exciting news as Craigslist was a resource I missed from when I was living in a much larger city. The full list of new sites for June 2006 includes:

Flock beta release

I tried the Flock web browser several months ago and was somewhat critical of the software. For those unfamiliar with Flock, the application is a new web browser to compete with the likes of Internet Explorer and FireFox. Flock is built upon the Mozilla code, the same as FireFox. Many of the same FireFox extensions […]

Pass on IE beta 2

I installed the Internet Explorer 7 beta 2 yesterday and I wish I hadn’t. Aside from the fact that the new IE still isn’t comparable to FireFox, the damn thing broke how I use my feed reader, FeedDemon. Let me explain. FeedDemon is a standalone, desktop feed reader. Built into the software is an IE […]

Streaming video via

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article today regarding and how they outsource their streaming video technology and expertise. I watched some of the NCAA tournament games in the first round via CBS Sportsline which was powered by This is a great example of turning your leadership in a market niche into […]