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Welcome to Boulder

The other evening I went bouldering on Flagstaff Mountain above Boulder. The after work climbing scene was quite crowded as I expected, but on the way home I witnesses the strangest thing. I was actually being tailgated by a cyclist riding down the road.

Mind you, I was still driving at or slightly above the posted speed limit. Making the experience even more humorous was the fact that he was giving me dirty looks for apparently holding up his descent.

Welcome to Boulder I guess…

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  1. I normally would hit the brakes if someone were tailgating me, a cyclist though I might not do that to.

  2. Thanks Stepan!

    Chris, my wife's comment to me was basically the same. She said good thing it wasn't a car or you would have hit the brakes! For the cyclist, I almost pulled over to let him have his fun, but at that point there wasn't really anywhere to do that.