The Secret About Writing

Peter Michaud on the secret about writing: If you’ve never written anything thoughtful, then you’ve never had any difficult, important, or interesting thoughts. That’s the secret: people who don’t write, are people who don’t think.

Beer and Investing

I normally don’t post jokes, but my sister sent me this and I thought it was quite appropriate for the times. If you had purchased $1,000 of AIG stock one year ago…you would have $42 left. Lehman Bros… $6.60 left… Fannie or Freddie… You would have less then $5 left. BUT, If you had purchased $1,000 worth of beer one year ago, drank all of the beer, then turned in the cans for the aluminum recycling REFUND, you would have

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Welcome to Boulder

The other evening I went bouldering on Flagstaff Mountain above Boulder. The after work climbing scene was quite crowded as I expected, but on the way home I witnesses the strangest thing. I was actually being tailgated by a cyclist riding down the road. Mind you, I was still driving at or slightly above the posted speed limit. Making the experience even more humorous was the fact that he was giving me dirty looks for apparently holding up his descent. Welcome to Boulder I

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Moving to Colorado

I recently wrote about closing my business and the failure of our product, FeedCraft. It may have sounded somewhat abrupt, but these were decisions that have been in the works for many months. The process of our moving started after deciding to close the business itself and reflecting on what our next steps were. After looking at our situation, my wife and I realized that we had the opportunity to live wherever we wanted as long as it met our

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This time I had a legitimate excuse

Sorry for the pause in posting, but I had a good excuse this time – I got married and was on honeymoon the last week. With all the stress of wedding planning and a short honeymoon with no Internet access over, I can get back to writing. I’ll be posting some pictures at a separate blog I created before the wedding for family and friends at if anyone is interested. There isn’t much up on the site yet, but

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Manhunt at Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech and Blacksburg are getting some national press this morning, though not in the best of circumstances. Apparently, an inmate shot a police officer while at the hospital and then escaped on foot. The last I heard was that the police had the student center surrounded and there was a possible hostage situation. CNN has a report and the Roanoke Times has a running update on their site. Police have closed down campus and the school canceled classes for

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Strange WordPress error

Unfortunately its been a while since I posted to my personal blog and somehow an error crept in to break my feeds. I think I’ve corrected the issue, but if any of my remaining readers still see errors, please let me know!

Self heating coffee in a can

The first line of this New York Times article sums it up best: “…some innovations are like Post-it notes: you didn’t know you needed them until they were invented.” As a coffee addict, I always have an eye out for articles on coffee, specifically caffeine. I think I’m looking for pro-caffeine articles to use as ammunition against well meaning family members who tell me I’m drinking too much java. I did find an interesting coffee article today, but it has

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Acceptable uses of the "f" word

As this was one of those miserable days when everything is going wrong, this post on the eleven acceptable times in history to use the "F" word from Brad Feld had me cracking up and brightened my day. Thanks for sharing the insight and humor, Brad!

McDonaldâ??s expects to roll out premium coffee

As a coffee addict, I would say that McDonaldâ??s rolling out premium coffee is a boon to java drinkers everywhere. Not that I expect it to be all that good, but the ability to grab a decent cup of coffee on almost every corner (and every exit of the interstate) is welcome.

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