Boulder Edition of StartupDigest

One of the primary reasons I moved to Boulder was the amazing community of startups here. So I was really surprised Boulder didn’t have an active edition of StartupDigest. StartupDigest is a free curated email of the best startup events, what you need to read, and jobs at top startups in 57 cities and 6 universities worldwide. Emailed every Monday morning, it’s a great way to know what’s happening in your area. As an entrepreneur and startup founder, I love

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Move to Colorado Complete

I wrote a few months ago about my eventual move to Colorado. After much effort, we’re finally here. My wife and I drove the 1520 miles from Blacksburg this past weekend and we’re trying to get settled. On my prior post both here and on my climbing blog, many asked where I was planning on living and offered up a bunch of suggestions. We had to do a quick close on our house and had only two weeks to find

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Colorado trip and the startup community in Boulder

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently spent ten days in Colorado both looking for a place to live and attending a few events. It was an exhausting trip, but we made a lot of progress on all fronts. Unfortunately, I was sick immediately following my return and have been playing catch up ever since. While on the trip, I attended three great events starting with TechStars For A Day. I’m not applying to TechStars this summer, but

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