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Colorado trip and the startup community in Boulder

DSCF0346.JPGAs I mentioned in my last post, I recently spent ten days in Colorado both looking for a place to live and attending a few events. It was an exhausting trip, but we made a lot of progress on all fronts. Unfortunately, I was sick immediately following my return and have been playing catch up ever since.

While on the trip, I attended three great events starting with TechStars For A Day. I’m not applying to TechStars this summer, but getting a chance to meet a lot of the current companies and the TechStars mentors was a wonderful experience. I was very impressed with what they have put together and their track record with the first set of companies is nothing short of amazing (I think 8 out of 10 receiving funding and are going strong).

The number of tech events in the Boulder area also impressed me both with the variety and the strong participation. I missed the big New Technology Meetup as well as an OpenCoffee Club meeting, but I did manage to make it to both the Founders Meetup as well as the Tech Cocktail event organized by Eric Olson and Frank Gruber.

DSCF0349.JPGOn the house hunting side we didn’t expect to find much, but by the end of the week managed to at least narrow down the areas we liked best. We were hoping to rule out some of the towns within a 30 minute drive of Boulder, but unfortunately it was quite hard to do that! They all had their charms and great views of the Rocky Mountains to boot. We finally decided we liked the Superior / Louisville area the best with their quick access to both Boulder and Denver.

It looks like we’ll be renting when we move until we find a house we like. The positive of not finding a place this trip was that we have nothing pulling us to move faster. While I can’t wait to move out to Boulder, we’ll save some money by waiting until the house sells here. If anyone is looking for a nice, new house in Blacksburg (with great views of Brush Mountain I might add) let me know!

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  1. Tom, one of the things I enjoyed about living there was being able to dash out my door and be on an open space trail without driving! If you like running or hiking then living in Boulder is fantastic. Superior/Louisville less optimal. The express bus from downtown Boulder to downtown Denver makes commuting relatively painless if you’re doing business mostly in Denver.

  2. Will, my preference is absolutely to live in Boulder itself. The problem is the price of buying a home within city limits. Once our house sells here in Virginia, we’ll initially rent a place in Boulder and then go from there. The homes for sale in Boulder in our price range are not really what we’re looking for thus the idea of Superior or Louisville.