How to Create an API for Your Application, Part 1

Despite being the lingua franca of the internet, APIs remain wildly inconsistent in both their structure and documentation for developers. While the promise of APIs has largely been fulfilled, their actual usage for developers day-to-day often remains frustrating. Since an API in and of itself is just the mechanism for a service to offer access (both internally and externally), there are no specific rules around its implementation. In order to provide some much-needed consistency, multiple options for API guidelines have

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OpenOffice to the rescue

Speaking of writing, saved my butt today. A large Microsoft Word document I was working on ballooned to over 300M, making even the autosave feature take over 10 minutes (I’m not exaggerating). Finally, in frustration, I opened up the document in Writer, finished my editing, and then saved it back to Word. The new file size? 1M and everything ran smoothly. I have no idea what I was doing wrong to have Word behave this way, but thank you OpenOffice

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Google code

This may not be news to some, but Google Code was released rather quietly in what looks mid to late March. I just happened to stumble on it here, but I figure more people know about this and I’ve just been oblivious to the development (pun intended).

Study finds Windows more secure than Linux

Can it be true? Is a Windows server more secure than Linux? Common technical opinion tells us this cannot be. So, when I read this article from The Seattle Times (and Slashdot), I was astounded. Two Florida researchers presented their findings to an RSA Conference of computer-security professionals. Apparently, one was a Microsoft enthusiast, the other Linux. My first thought was that this was another Microsoft sponsored study, so that is obviously not the case. Comparing Windows Server 2003 and

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Sun to offer open source database?

Sun Microsystems is talking about releasing an open-source database capable of competing with Oracle. There have been a lot of comments on this (Jim Grisanzio, Security-Flaws, The Silent Penguin), but apparently all speculation at this point. The most interesting is a slide from Sun CEO Scott McNealy listing "Sun db" amongst other existing databases such as MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, and DB2.

Spell checking via Firefox extension

The more I post to my blog, the more I miss a spell checker. To this point, I've found myself writing posts in Microsoft Word for the spell checking capability and then cutting and pasting to my blog. This isn't exactly efficient. I've found I get in the habit of just typing along to keep the flow of my thoughts moving and leaving the typos for software to take care of. It's not that I can't spell, but why take

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