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Finally up and running

Well, I’m finally up and running with my blog. Somewhat surprisingly, it took me quite a while to get this created. One would think with my career in technology I’d be an early adopter and created a blog, but to this point I’d been unable to find an easy way to do so. After finally finding a useable technology for creating blogs, Drupal, my new web site is operational.

You may be wondering why I’m doing this. There are numerous reasons. As post number one though, anyone reading this is doing so way after the fact, but I digress… For this blog,, I hope to discuss mainly topics related to my professional career and passion in technology especially Internet technologies. In addition, I’m sure I’ll be opining on a variety of other topics, not limited to but including business, finance, investing, the weather, politics, and rock climbing.

For a first post, I think I’m finished. Welcome to the site and I hope you’ll be coming back to read more!

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