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Replace Google public service ads with Amazon affiliate products

I’m sure many of you have had this problem. Some of the pages on your site have not been indexed by Google yet and the ads are displaying the public service ads. Now not to be miserly or anything, but the whole point of placing ads on the site was to generate revenue. And the last time I checked, free public service ads are driving revenues to neither Google nor my site. Since Google can be notoriously slow to index pages sometimes, especially new sites, I began researching solutions for my other blog, All Climbing. What I found was a free Perl script called AGAR, Amazon/Google Ad Replacement.

AGAR allows you to replace the Google public service ads with Amazon product links using the . The script is simple to modify. You then just upload it to your cgi-bin directory and then tell Google AdSense to replace the public service ads with the URL to the AGAR script. AGAR looks similar to the Google AdSense ads and can also use the same color scheme.

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  1. Hey Tom,
    I want to wish you luck and let you know that I am also starting a climbing blog, focused primarily on the beginners and the training! I think we can work together and give the great community of climbing some great dialog…What do you think?? My Blog isn’t up yet but I’ll keep you posted!
    Mike O’Rourke