RubyMotion versus Swift for iOS Development

As I worked on the IBM Watson and Apple Core ML partnership, I was inspired to explore more ways to showcase machine learning for developers in different ways. One of my ideas was to look into using RubyMotion with IBM Watson. If you’re not familiar, RubyMotion lets developers quickly write cross-platform native apps for iOS, Android, and OS X using the Ruby programming language. The applications are statically compiled and then call into the native platform APIs. As a Rubyist,

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Video: Machine Learning on iOS, Integrating IBM Watson with Core ML at AltConf

Earlier this year I attended AltConf in San Jose, a community-driven and supported event held alongside Apple’s WWDC. IBM sponsored the event and offered numerous workshops to attendees. In addition to assisting with the workshops and manning the booth, I had a talk accepted on Machine Learning on iOS: Integrating IBM Watson with Core ML. Here’s the recording of the talk I gave with Devin Conley, IBM’s lead engineer on the project: The first half of the session I presented

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Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence: A Practical Guide to Building Applications in the Enterprise

For the past several months I’ve been co-writing a book that was recently published by O’Reilly. Called Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence: A Practical Guide to Building Enterprise Applications, the book is currently offered by IBM as a free download. Written with Josh Zheng to introduce developers and technical managers to using artificial intelligence when building enterprise applications, the Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence book focuses on the practical aspects of implementing AI in the enterprise. From a discussion of

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