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Great deal on Mac software

I wrote a Twitter about this earlier today, but I wanted to share this great deal if you use a Mac. MacUpdate Promo currently has a deal where for $49.99 you receive a bundle of software at 91% off the retail value. As certain sales milestones are reached, additional apps are added to the bundle. […]

iPhone launch hype, the day after

I wasn’t planning on purchasing an iPhone (primarily because I’m on T-Mobile), but I’ve been watching the hype and subsequent launch with great interest. I love smartphones and tend to buy a new one every six months or so. Partly because of new features I *need* and the rest is I just love playing with […]

New desktop applications for Getting Things Done

I’ve written before about the popular productivity concept, Getting Things Done (GTD). I’ve come across a few new tools that attempt to make GTD a bit easier. While productivity tools integrate with all types of web and desktop applications, I decided to take a look at a few new desktop applications dedicated specifically to the […]

Using a Dell Printer on a Mac

After more searching than I thought would be needed, I found the steps for getting my Dell 1100 laser printer to work with Mac OS X. From a thread on, I followed these steps: 1) download and install both drivers on this page: 2) setup the printer as a Samsung ML-1210 These […]

The Big Switch from Windows to Mac OS X

After spending most of my computing life exclusively on Windows, I’ve made the switch to a Mac. Why now? Over the years, I’ve become quite adept and comfortable in Windows. I’ve focused much of my career around Windows technologies. So why the switch now, especially with Microsoft’s Vista launching? Let me try to explain. But […]