Free Wifi at Starbucks with AT&T

There’s been a lot of buzz about Starbucks partnering with AT&T to offer two hours of free wifi with a purchase. Starbucks today announced a deal to offer AT&T WiFi service at more than 7,000 locations in the U.S. Starbucks card holders get up to two hours of free WiFi access per day; customers of AT&T broadband and AT&T U-verse will have unlimited access. Additional hours will be available at pricing starting at $3.99 per session for a two-hour period.

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iPhone launch hype, the day after

I wasn’t planning on purchasing an iPhone (primarily because I’m on T-Mobile), but I’ve been watching the hype and subsequent launch with great interest. I love smartphones and tend to buy a new one every six months or so. Partly because of new features I *need* and the rest is I just love playing with the newest gadgets (much to my wife’s dismay). I’ve been waiting for years for mobile content development to really take off, but there has yet

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Sprint Ambassador Program

I received an email yesterday from the Sprint Ambassador Program. A bit skeptical that this was spam, I read the email and was intrigued. Apparently, Sprint has developed program to get new phones and service lines into the hands of folks who would hopefully give them feedback and evangelize their products. The Sprint Ambassador Program is all about exploring our latest products and services and allows you to give direct feedback to Sprint. We recently launched the Sprint Power Vision

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BlackBerry and SideKick Intellisync Issues

This is hopefully the last in my series of “trying to buy a new mobile phone.” Recently, I had tremendous difficulty in trying to sync my Outlook 2003 both with my BlackBerry 7100t and then my new SideKick II using the Intellisync software that comes bundled with both devices (though under different names, both are Intellisync). I’m posting my solution here to helpfully help anyone else who has this problem and goes searching for a solution. I figured my blog

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Laptop and mobile phone insurance

After buying my new smartphone, the SideKick, I asked T-Mobile about the phone insurance I saw on the web site. I rarely opt for insurance on these types of devices, but the whole swiveling screen on the SideKick has me a tad bit worried though I haven’t read of any failures. Long story short, T-Mobile tells me that for a device with a $300 retails price, the monthly cost of insurance is $5.99 with a $110 deductible. Are you kidding

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Smartphone search completed with SideKick II

Continuing from my last post on buying a new smartphone, I settled on the SideKick II from Danger through T-Mobile. There were numerous reasons for this decision. Iâ??ll outline them below, but after a few days of using the SideKick, I can honestly tell you it just blows the BlackBerry away in terms of both productivity and overall communication use. Mark Cuban probably sums it up best with this quote: To all you corporo types out there that like the

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Mobile viruses

Business Week has an interesting article on mobile viruses. This is something I’ve been increasingly concerned about as most users now understand the risk of viruses on their computer, but not so much on their mobile devices. Mobile viruses are a whole new concerns for so many more consumers as many don’t even realize the capabilities of their phones and the aspects that can be compromised.

Search for a new smart phone

Every once in a while I like to make technology device or gadget diversion on this blog as I know many readers face many of the same issues as I do. Today highlights my new smart phone plight. As I wrote almost a year ago, my primary mobile phone has been a BlackBerry 7100t through T-Mobile. Initially, I thought this phone was the perfect marriage of size and functionality.

Best mobile RSS readers

There’s a nice little thread on Engadget regarding mobile RSS readers. I had been experimenting with the beta of FeedBurner’s mobile RSS reader and it works, but nothing to get too excited about. From the comments on the Engadget post, I found the following to be getting the most votes as favorite mobile feed readers: Bloglines (browser) Egress (Pocket PC) litefeeds (Java phone, BlackBerry, Pocket PC) PocketRSS (Pocket PC) I’ll be testing some of these out. If I find any

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Skype coming on strong

After hearing more and more buzz surrounding Skype, I finally downloaded the software to see what it was all about. As far as VoIP providers go, I think Skype has a great business model - free calls to existing Skype users, cheap rates to everyone else on a per minute basis. Unlike other VoIP providers that allow customers to simply plug in their existing phones, to this point Skype has relied on an all-computer setup. This worked for a set

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