150 Cheap Places to Live

As a convenient follow-up to my post earlier today, I spotted a Forbes article on Digg entitled 150 Cheap Places to Live. Rich Karlgaard writes about how knowledge workers don’t need to live in big cities anymore due to computers, broadband, mobile phones, etc. The report’s methodology includes a variety of factors and the picks are broken down into the following categories: Porch-Swing Communities (best family-friendly cities), Happy Hootervilles (best small towns), IQ Campuses (emerging centers of biotech and infotech),

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Welcome to the heat of summer

Well, weâ??re finally getting some hot summer days here in Blacksburg and it looks like it will continue through the early part the upcoming week. No matter how hot it gets here in Southwest Virginia, its still infinitely better than being in DC. Beginning in early spring and not ending until late fall, DC smothers you with an oppressive humidity that feels like 100% every single day. You canâ??t even enjoy being outside up there. Climate is probably one of

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Two local companies going public

Two local (southwest Virginia) companies announced last week they will be publicly traded – nTelos (Waynesboro, Va) and Luna Innovations (Roanoke, Va). Luna has filed for an IPO, while nTelos priced their IPO at $12/share and raised $144 million last week (NTLS). This is great news for the whole region and will provide more exposure to all the technology companies coming out of here.

Brief productivity tips

I read these two tidbits in a productivity email newsletter from David Allen (originator/author of Getting Things Done): A couple of courtesy reminders that (based on my current experience) deserve repeating: (1) When you leave your number on someoneâ??s voicemail or answering machine, speak it slowly, and then slowly REPEAT it. Put yourself in the shoes of the person listening to your message. They may not have pen and paper quite yet. They have to hear it, understand it, and

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AOL buys Weblogs Inc

PaidContent.org reports that Weblogs, Inc. has been purchased by AOL for as much as $35 million. Congrats guys. The acquisition is interesting though from a large media versus the traditionally independent blogger point of view. The Weblogs Inc network, despite having many great blogs, was itself “big media” in the blog world. You just have to wonder what will happen to the overall network of sites. If you have enough cash to pay for more “professional” bloggers, don’t you become

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New small business IP site

The Entrepreneurial Mind has a pointer to a new site by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) encouraging small businesses to focus on intellectual property issues and protection.

Move to Blacksburg mostly complete

Well, its been a busy month both professionally and personally. After much research and due diligence, we’ve moved EvolvePoint to Blacksburg, Virginia from Alexandria, Virginia. EvolvePoint is now a part of the VT KnowledgeWorks program, a technology business accelerator and incubator located in the Virgina Tech Corporate Research Center (CRC). There are numerous reasons for the move. First was the realization that a firm developing software, especially Internet based applications, can exist virtually anywhere. The Washington DC metro area has

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Business Blogs Keep Customers Coming Back

The Wall Street Journal has a nice article on business blogs. Nothing terribly insightful or new, but interesting to see mainstream picking up on what many of us are already aware of - how important blogs are becoming to the enterprise. The article discusses a few cases of companies successfully using blogs including GreenCine, Wark Communications, Red Line Performance & Restoration, Nerve.com, and Stoneyfield Farms. Maybe I'm biased from reading too many blogs, but some of these companies blogs are

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Study reports that deleted spam is costing billions

Following up on my post concerning the faulty logic used for the Super Bowl productivity waste comes a study from the Center for Excellence in Service at the University of Marylandâ??s Robert H. Smith School of Business and Rockbridge Associates, Inc. calculating the costs of spam. Now donâ??t take my next comments the wrong way. I feel spam is an enormous problem and a productivity drain. What I do have a problem with is the methodology with which this study

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