Looking for a new Boulder-Denver StartupDigest curator

I’m looking for a replacement to curate the Boulder-Denver StartupDigest. If you’re actively involved with local startups and have interest, let me know and we can discuss. My startup, StatsMix, was recently acquired and I’ve decided I need to take some time off. After three consecutive startups and many years without a real vacation, it’s time for a little break to figure out what’s next. That’s why it makes sense to hand off curating the digest to someone else. Currently,

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Bad Email Marketing from Priceline

This is one of the worst marketing emails I’ve seen in a while: Priceline.com wants me to fill out a survey for a recent car rental I made through their site. Simple and innocent enough at first glance. What really bothers me with this email is their reason why I should fill out the survey. Usually, I hesitate to fill out any survey unless I have had a bad experience. If I’ve had a positive or neutral experience, I usually

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Better emailing

If only everyone knew how to email efficiently, maybe so many wouldn’t have to claim email bankruptcy. Email overload is an ever increasing problem and Chris Brogan writes an excellent post on how to write email that gets answered. There are some great tips in there, especially the “one decision per email”: It seems counter to cutting down on email to ask you to limit the decisions required in a message to one per email, but Iâ??ve seen it have

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Technology news and events

Just a follow up to my last post on the news of two local companies – if you’re interested in receiving the latest news on regional (Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Virginia) news and events, I’ve found the following newsletters to be the most useful:

Pay to email, my take

With AOL and Yahoo potentially charging to guarantee email delivery, I suspect RSS will get more serious consideration from marketers. And how can it not? If this email deal holds up (from what I’ve read it’s not finalized), costs will skyrocket for many publishers ($2.5-$10 per thousand emails sent). My overall take on this is the arrangement sounds more little a way to squeeze out revenue as opposed to helping their customers. Regardless, it takes events like these to spur

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Study reports that deleted spam is costing billions

Following up on my post concerning the faulty logic used for the Super Bowl productivity waste comes a study from the Center for Excellence in Service at the University of Marylandâ??s Robert H. Smith School of Business and Rockbridge Associates, Inc. calculating the costs of spam. Now donâ??t take my next comments the wrong way. I feel spam is an enormous problem and a productivity drain. What I do have a problem with is the methodology with which this study

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