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Are the Green Bay Packers the Worst Stock in America?

Great sports franchise, bad investment… It costs $250 a share, pays no dividends, benefits from no earnings, isn’t tradeable and has no securities-law protection. Although the offering document calls the shares “common stock,” they confer almost none of the advantages of a traditional stock. The document warns that buyers “should not purchase common stock with […]

NetBank closes after failed deal

Wow, talk about good timing. I just closed my accounts at NetBank two weeks ago and moved them to EverBank. Now I see that NetBank has officially shutdown. NetBank has steadily declined over the years, but I had been with them so long (7 years) it just wasn’t worth the trouble to move my accounts. […]

Google Finance launched

Google launched its finance service today to compete with Yahoo and MSN‘s offerings. From the WSJ: Google Finance follows the traditional recipe for such offerings, providing a mix of stock quotes and charts, company news and corporate data. It is too early to know whether Google Finance will steal users from existing offerings, but the […]

Hey, can you spare me a dollar?

CNN reports that Congress tries again for a dollar coin. The new $1 coin would accompany the current Sacagawea dollar. The dollar coin has had an illustrious history in this country. There’s hope this time, though, as the 50 state quarters was a huge hit among collectors. The dollar coins will depict U.S. presidents so […]