Are the Green Bay Packers the Worst Stock in America?

Great sports franchise, bad investment… It costs $250 a share, pays no dividends, benefits from no earnings, isn’t tradeable and has no securities-law protection. Although the offering document calls the shares “common stock,” they confer almost none of the advantages of a traditional stock. The document warns that buyers “should not purchase common stock with the purpose of making a profit.” via Are the Green Bay Packers the Worst Stock in America? – Total Return – WSJ

NetBank closes after failed deal

Wow, talk about good timing. I just closed my accounts at NetBank two weeks ago and moved them to EverBank. Now I see that NetBank has officially shutdown. NetBank has steadily declined over the years, but I had been with them so long (7 years) it just wasn’t worth the trouble to move my accounts. I read a couple months ago that EverBank was going to purchase NetBank and after some research I decided to open new joint accounts there

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Two of the best financial TV shows now have sites with feeds

Two of my favorite financial TV shows now have dedicated and updated web sites on CNBC. Jim Cramer‘s Mad Money and Dylan Ratigan‘s Fast Money also sport RSS feeds which allows me to miss these shows and still get updates on what topics were discussed. I’m usually watching these at the gym, so the ability to get the recaps in my feed reader is a huge time saver. If you have any interest in the stock market, investing, and/or trading,

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Google Finance launched

Google launched its finance service today to compete with Yahoo and MSN‘s offerings. From the WSJ: Google Finance follows the traditional recipe for such offerings, providing a mix of stock quotes and charts, company news and corporate data. It is too early to know whether Google Finance will steal users from existing offerings, but the Mountain View, Calif., Internet company’s broad consumer reach and recent success with new services such as Google Maps suggest its arrival could cause established providers

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Hey, can you spare me a dollar?

CNN reports that Congress tries again for a dollar coin. The new $1 coin would accompany the current Sacagawea dollar. The dollar coin has had an illustrious history in this country. There’s hope this time, though, as the 50 state quarters was a huge hit among collectors. The dollar coins will depict U.S. presidents so there’s likely to be the same amount of interest.

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