Google Finance launched

Google launched its finance service today to compete with Yahoo and MSN‘s offerings. From the WSJ: Google Finance follows the traditional recipe for such offerings, providing a mix of stock quotes and charts, company news and corporate data. It is too early to know whether Google Finance will steal users from existing offerings, but the Mountain View, Calif., Internet company’s broad consumer reach and recent success with new services such as Google Maps suggest its arrival could cause established providers

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Yahoo! acquires

Yahoo! has acquired today (via Om Malik) No financial details were released. Not sure what this will mean for the service. I recently started using more frequently as I’m finding additional uses for the service. A great example can be seen in this RSS News page I’m experimenting with for the EvolvePoint web site. Basically the idea is tagging relevant, topical links and using the RSS provides for a part of a web page. For those not

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Google Analytics released

Google launched its Analytics service today. I’m pretty excited about this service as we’re a big user of Google AdWords as well as Google AdSense at EvolvePoint. This seems to be the first public offering of web analytics from Google since their acquisition of Urchin. Although I’m very interested to see how Google Analytics integrates with AdWords, the service will work for any web site that you have the ability to drop some JavaScript on. Unfortunately, the service is getting

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Google aquires Urchin

InsideGoogle reports that Google is purchasing the web analytics company Urchin for somewhere in the order of $30 million. It looks like Google could integrate Urchin into its advertising programs as well as Blogger.

Google filters

Blog Business World has a detailed article on search engine optimization, specifically on the possibility of Google filters. As Google is still the 800-lb gorilla of search engines, I always take the time to read up on Google developments. Any process they implement typically affects all our sites, both business and personal.

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