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Google Blog Search launched

Well, I saw this one coming (and really, who didn’t?). Google launched its Google Blog Search today (via Steve Rubel, Charlene Li) and it looks impressive. Using a ping server to primarily update its results as opposed to its web crawlers, the Google Blog Search will be competing directly with Technorati, BlogDigger, Feedster, DayPop and […]

Google providing feeds for news site

Slashdot reported this morning that Google is now providing RSS and Atom feeds for its Google News site, pointing out that the functionality previously only available in its email alert service can now be delivered via feeds. Details for usage can be found from Google here. What I find interesting is the continuing push of […]

Google's Personalized Home Page Shows Promise

I tested Google’s new personalized home page features today and I definitely think there is great potential. I currently use My Yahoo as my main “home page” and portal to stocks and news (not as a feed reader though – I still feel FeedDemon is the best RSS reader out there). To be honest though, […]

Poorly designed web sites

BusinessWeek may have one of the worst designed web sites, in terms of user readability, that I’ve come across recently. The placement of animated ads in three areas above the fold, immediately makes me search for the “printer-friendly version” link. It’s the only way I can read their articles. Not exactly the desired behavior. Take […]

Baseball on the web

Rob Pegoraro of the Washington Post lists the best places on the web to follow baseball games. As MLB charges for live video feeds (that aren’t great quality anyway), monitoring games on the web is the next best thing for fans.

Click fraud exposed

The Washington Post has an insightful article on click fraud. To Texas-based Auctions Expert International LLC, it was an easy way to make money on the Internet. Sign up with Google, which functions as a kind of online ad agency, and agree to let the online giant place ads on your Web site. Then, every […]

Solar death ray

I at first thought this site was some kind of late April Fools joke, but no, its true. And somehow, I’m strangely fascinated by it. How can you resist a site where you can request an object be melted by a solar death ray?

Solace for NHL hockey fans

With the NHL hockey season officially lost, some fans are taking matters into their own hands. An article in today’s discusses how some fans are coming to grips without NHL. Taking fantasy sports one step further, allows users to simulate entire seasons using any combinations of past or present players. WhatIfSports says the participation in their hockey sports simulation games have increased 40-50%. With links from the site, their traffic has been spiking. Raised outside of Pittsburgh and being a Penguins fan, I desperately miss the NHL (ok, not as much as if it were the NFL). But this simulation stuff may be taking it a little bit to far…