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Google Finance launched

Google launched its finance service today to compete with Yahoo and MSN‘s offerings. From the WSJ: Google Finance follows the traditional recipe for such offerings, providing a mix of stock quotes and charts, company news and corporate data. It is too early to know whether Google Finance will steal users from existing offerings, but the […]

Everything Web 2.0

Christian Mayaud at Sacred Cow Dung has posted the longest list of Web 2.0 companies I’ve seen yet. EvolvePoint and FeedCraft are both listed. At what point will every company be Web 2.0 and we can start with a new term?

Squidoo review

I finally had a chance to play around with Squidoo last night and I’m impressed. As Seth Godin’s brainchild, I had been meaning to fully check Squidoo out for some time now. Some have questioned the usefulness of the service, but I have to disagree. Squidoo can’t be evaluated against creating a blog or having […]

Web 2.0 Innovation Map

The Web 2.0 Innovation Map was recently updated and FeedCraft was included. This is a very slick application of Google Maps displaying the locations of Web 2.0 companies by Fourio. It’s quite interesting to see the distribution of the companies across the globe. The Web 2.0 Innovation Map grew out of an interest in how […]

New EvolvePoint web site launched

EvolvePoint launched its newly redesigned web site yesterday and I have to say it turned out fantastic. At the same time we were redesigning the EvolvePoint site, our new service, FeedCraft, was also being integrated into the same look and feel as the EvolvePoint corporate site. To do both of these together actually took a […]

Update on Google Analytics

Just a quick update on Google Analytics – it looks like the service is 100% up and running now. One really big caveat though – no new signups are occurring right now. This is great news for those of us who were able to get in early, but no so good news for everyone else. […]

Google Analytics released

Google launched its Analytics service today. I’m pretty excited about this service as we’re a big user of Google AdWords as well as Google AdSense at EvolvePoint. This seems to be the first public offering of web analytics from Google since their acquisition of Urchin. Although I’m very interested to see how Google Analytics integrates […]

Top Web Design Mistakes

EvolvePoint is currently in the process of redesigning all of our corporate web sites: EvolvePoint, FeedMiner, and FeedCraft. So, all the issues that surround good web design have been on my mind. In addition to using a great design company throughout the process, it’s always good to have an understanding of the design issues to […]