Some social networking privacy tips

The Associated Press lists some good social networking privacy tips: Provide enough information for your friends to be able to identify you, but not so much that someone could use information to steal your identity. Consider making your profile private so people you don’t know can’t “scrape” information and images from it. Even if your profile is private, remember that your information and photos also can be accessed by third parties through your friends and through applications developers on such

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Using Twitter as a lifeblog

When I first saw mention of Twitter, I really didn’t pay much attention to the service. My initial thought was here comes another time waster. Recently, I saw more mentions of Twitter and decided to check it out. After a brief period of use, I’m intrigued by the possibilities. Twitter is a cross between IM, blogging, and SMS if that makes any sense. In what would seemingly appear useless spraying of what a person is doing at any moment in

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The day after my story was Netscaped

I’m not sure if there is a coined term for Netscape like “slashdotted” or “digged” yet, but my recent post on the troubles I saw with Netscape was promoted to their home page Friday and I saw heavy traffic to my site. In an incredible turn of irony, my post criticizing Netscape’s practices made it to the number two slot on the home page and was there for almost the whole day. The fact that it was not censored and left

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The new Netscape is a joke

The morning of the shooting in Blacksburg, Virginia I wrote a post that I updated during the day briefly chronicling the events as they occurred and my personal perspective as a professional working in Blacksburg. It was not meant to be a major journalistic piece, just a blog post from a citizen. Just for the heck of it, I decided to try posting the link to Netscape to see how the new Digg clone worked. Later that day I noticed significant traffic

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Yahoo! acquires

Yahoo! has acquired today (via Om Malik) No financial details were released. Not sure what this will mean for the service. I recently started using more frequently as I’m finding additional uses for the service. A great example can be seen in this RSS News page I’m experimenting with for the EvolvePoint web site. Basically the idea is tagging relevant, topical links and using the RSS provides for a part of a web page. For those not

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Tagging experiment

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a little behind with tagging. At first I didn’t get it, but I’m starting to see benefits. I can’t articulate them entirely yet, but after I play with them a bit more and really start to use the concept across some applications hopefully I can define the usefulness of tagging a bit more.

Yahoo 360 invites available

If anyone would like an invite for the Yahoo 360 service, please just leave me a comment on this post with your name and valid email (will not be displayed in comment). If you also get the service up and running, please share your thoughts on Yahoo 360 as a comment as well. My review of the service is cross-posted on my Yahoo 360 blog and this blog.

Yahoo 360 Review

I’ve had a chance to use the new Yahoo! 360 (thanks Mindsack) and the following is my review. I can’t say that I’m terribly impressed with Yahoo 360 and I will not be using it anytime soon for blogging. Everyone is comparing it to other blogging tools, but I’m not sure if that is an appropriate way to review the service. It looks like Yahoo 360 would be most useful for those already fully integrated into using Yahoo’s other services

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