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Interesting Quotes on the Apple iPad

Those who are worried that the iPad will cut into sales of the iPod Touch or the MacBook are the same people who worried that McDonald’s (MCD) chicken nuggets would cut into hamburger sales. Successful expansion into new categories is always a good thing. Apple did it. They created a new category within the mobile Internet tsunami.

(via Four Ways Apple Beat iPad Expectations — Seeking Alpha)


Apple’s not actually selling a computer. Or a flash drive or multitouch. They needed to make those things for their product, but that’s not what the product is. The product is, simply put, a magical screen that can do anything you ever want it to, no matter what that is.

(via This is why it’s worth learning about advertising, by Rory Marinich)

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  1. The ipad is very good, although the big thing is that it cannot multitask which makes it harder to replace for a laptop. Although it is all HD which makes it a huge plus. Maybe in the next generation will have a camera.!!:)