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Migration from Drupal to WordPress complete

Well, I finally made the move and migrated the site from to . I finished everything up yesterday and I’m now only finding some time to write about how the process went. I saw some commentary and references (doctorvee,, Thought Patterns, Weblog Tools Collection, New Links) to the ideas I placed forth in a previous post (The Drupal Dilemma) and it was interesting to read the feedback. Its nice to see that I wasn’t the only one that didn’t like Drupal as a blog publishing tool. I didn’t actually write a script to perform the migration as I found a lot of little tweaks to the process needed to be made the entire way through.

Before starting I did find two sites that discussed their migration efforts from Drupal to WordPress (Panayotis Vryonis and Travis Bradshaw). Unfortunately, even the SQL statements Panayotis listed on his site did not match the Drupal db structure I had. I’m assuming that we were migrating from different versions of Drupal. So, I ended up writing SQL to do the transfer. Then it was a matter of making some minor adjustments. OK, let me amend that statement. Making many minor adjustments.

Everything is complete now (that I can tell) and I think the site is running well on WordPress. I also decided to change the theme a bit and see if it could be a little more clean. I actually had an anonymous comment on the site, right before I started migrating, that simply said, “site too wide.” My initial thought was, “get a bigger screen buddy,” but I realized this anonymous poster had a good point. So, after a bit of browsing I found the WordPress theme contest. There is an enormous number of outstanding themes there. I settled on using Minima Plus by Theron Parlin as a starting point and I went about customizing from there, keeping the features I had before and adding some new ones. Overall, I’m quite pleased with how everything turned out.

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  1. Is this it, Tom?

    I hope you like it! My personal favorite theme is Gila with several others as close seconds.

    Good luck and have fun!

  2. Yes, this is the modified Minima Plus theme. Not a very creative modification on my part, but maybe I’ll have some time (and inspiration) in the future to do more. It’s very clean though and that was my primary concern.

  3. hey!

    good read, do you have any tips for the migration. I wanna move my blog as well as I find drupal being like having an fully industrial kitchen, to cook eggs in :p

  4. I was excited to have found “Migration from Drupal to WordPress” topic to your site. I would like very to much to migrate from Drupal to WordPress but don’t know how to do this….very new to mysql and phpmyadmin.

    Any help would much appreciated.



  5. This site has helped me a lot achieving my first Drupal to WordPress conversion.

    I’m on my third Drupal to WordPress conversion.

    I guess it’s best to start posting the SQL queries I have written to help other people out during a conversion.

    If you use pathauto to automatically generate permalinks (links) in Drupal, this file should help you get your wordpress links to match up with links pathauto has created.

    Feel free to make updates to the file.


  6. I was really hoping to find a point and click soltion. I'm surprised with so much open source stuff out there for both peieces of software no one has come up with this. Frankly I'd pay for it.

    1. I just found out about gConverter from a tweet.
      They are a service to convert to/from many of the more common site and blog software platforms including Drupal to WordPress and another 64 CMS/Forum board. I think Drupal to WordPress conversion is not an easy work and it’ should be done by specialists. My be this helps someone

  7. For those that need more updated instructions, an open source Java program that performs a  Drupal 6 to WordPress 3 migration can be found here:

    If you are not an expect, you may want take a look at for a cheap and automatic migration service

  8. It looks great! I saw your blog briefly when we were origzinang the Haiti trip and, not that the other one was bad but, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!