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New Gawker site Sploid launched

Gawker launched a new site in their network yesterday called Sploid. From the site’s description,

Sploid is a news site with a tabloid mentality — top stories up top, played big, as fast as they break. If there’s a political line, it’s anarcho-capitalist: sniffing out hypocrisy and absurdity, whether from salon left or religious right.

It looks like a tabloid and reads like a tabloid, so its not really my cup of tea. But it is interesting to watch how blogs continue to evolve and the different niches they’re filling.

I’m not sure they have the site optimized for the Firefox browser though. When I view the site a large square Vonage ad is being covered up by the Sploid logo. I doubt that was their intent. Every refresh is also getting a different size banner ad, very strange.

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