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Quick feed reading and productivity tip

Here’s a quick tip for managing the constant influx of information. I’m currently on a push to move as much non person-to-person email (like newsletters, product announcements, marketing, etc.) to my feed reader.

One of the most useful and time saving techniques I’ve found is to create a folder in my feed reader labeled “products I use”

In this folder, I’ve added and moved all feeds related to products and services I use and want to keep abreast of, but don’t necessarily need to see immediately. So any time I install a new product or service, I just add their feed from the site or blog and now I’m updated on any new happenings all in one place that I occasionally check.

I’ve found this simple technique quite effective at removing many email newsletters from these companies. Additionally, this folder prevents me from constantly checking to see if a new beta has been released of my favorite current app!

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