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Tactics to Spark Creativity

This study apparently validates my methodology while late-night programming: Moderate drinking can also relax inhibitions in a way that seems to let the mind range across a wider set of possible connections. It can also help a person notice environmental cues or changes that a sober brain would block out, Dr. Wiley says. In a […]

Better emailing

If only everyone knew how to email efficiently, maybe so many wouldn’t have to claim email bankruptcy. Email overload is an ever increasing problem and Chris Brogan writes an excellent post on how to write email that gets answered. There are some great tips in there, especially the “one decision per email”: It seems counter […]

Quick feed reading and productivity tip

Here’s a quick tip for managing the constant influx of information. I’m currently on a push to move as much non person-to-person email (like newsletters, product announcements, marketing, etc.) to my feed reader. One of the most useful and time saving techniques I’ve found is to create a folder in my feed reader labeled “products […]

New desktop applications for Getting Things Done

I’ve written before about the popular productivity concept, Getting Things Done (GTD). I’ve come across a few new tools that attempt to make GTD a bit easier. While productivity tools integrate with all types of web and desktop applications, I decided to take a look at a few new desktop applications dedicated specifically to the […]

Brief productivity tips

I read these two tidbits in a productivity email newsletter from David Allen (originator/author of Getting Things Done): A couple of courtesy reminders that (based on my current experience) deserve repeating: (1) When you leave your number on someoneâ??s voicemail or answering machine, speak it slowly, and then slowly REPEAT it. Put yourself in the […]

GTD with Gmail

While trying to learn as much as possible about Getting Things Done (prior post), I saw a post from Slacker Manager referencing GTD with Gmail. To this point, I haven’t been the biggest fan of Gmail, but it was very interesting to see how someone is incorporating Getting Things Done (GTD) with their own preferences […]

Getting things done

I recently started reading a new book entitled Getting Things Done by David Allen. I’m sure many have heard of this title, as did I, but I finally picked it up to see if I could add some more efficiency to the “to-do” overload I have. Being better organized, no matter how small an increase, […]