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SXSW: Recap

Another great SXSW conference wrapped up last week and I’m finally getting a chance to transfer some of my notes to the blog. So beware, the next few posts will mostly be SXSW recaps! Once again, I’m glad I attended this year. I truly believe this is a must attend event for anyone in this industry. If you’re involved with anything related to the web, design, technology, or entrepreneurship in this space it’s the best conference to attend each year. It is for me anyway. The simple fact that the best and brightest in the industry attend really supersedes the content in the panels. And the content is great by the way.

Overall the panels were excellent this year, but it’s always obvious which panels actually took the time to talk in advance and prepare ahead of time. Of course, my panel prepared thoroughly! But the best part of SXSW is the ability to easily meet new people and make some connections. Many new ideas and potential projects were ignited for me last week and I hope to be writing some all of them soon.

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