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Wall Street Journal adds Technorati to articles

I noticed an interesting feature this morning as I was reading the Wall Street Journal online. At the bottom of every article, a Blog Watch section is displayed powered by Technorati. Clicking on “Most Blogged About Wall Street Journal Articles” take you to a page at Technorati where they list the top ten blogged articles from the WSJ. Kudos to Technorati for continuing to make inroads with the mainstream media. I know they have a similar feature on articles from the called “Who’s Blogging”, but it doesn’t link directly back to a specific page in Technorati that aggregates the those articles. They also have an arrangement with the Associated Press linking the “Top Five Most Blogged About” AP articles.

I didn’t see any press releases on the Technorati site with regards to the WSJ feature nor the Washington Post one earlier. I wonder if these are trials to see the response and if so, what the metrics for success are for each. How many readers are actually clicking through to find more related stories written by bloggers?

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