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Tips for Publishing RSS feeds – Part 1

Over the past couple years, I’ve learned a lot about RSS feed publishing while running EvolvePoint. Since we operate on both ends of the feed spectrum (search and publishing), I’ve had the opportunity to examine many feeds and see what works and what doesn’t. I’m starting to have enough data to have a good feel for […]

Review: Microsoft Max feed reader

I must be on some Microsoft review binge this week. Yesterday, Windows Live Writer, today Microsoft Max. The Microsoft Max application is promoted as photo viewing and sharing software, but the latest release of Max included an RSS feed reader.  This feature is what has caused some interest (read reviews from Niall Kennedy and TechCrunch). My review is […]

Start to publish RSS feeds smarter

Publishers of RSS feeds: please, please, please let me read your content. Stop creating hurdles for your readers. One of the biggest mistakes I’m seeing today is the amount of content provided (or the lack thereof) in RSS feeds. I understand the argument against putting full content into feeds. I understand publishers want to drive […]

RapidFeeds breakdown and the importance of backups

RapidFeeds, a competitor to the free version of our FeedCraft product apparently had a catastrophic breakdown last week according to their blog. On July 28, they suffered a complete crash when trying to upgrade some servers. The fate had its beginning on July 20 when we started receiving emails from our subscribers notifying us of […]

Using RSS for Marketing at the eduWeb Conference

I’ll be speaking this Tuesday morning in Baltimore on “Using RSS for Marketing” at the 2006 eduWeb Conference. If you’re attending, drop me a line or leave a comment. Here’s a brief description of the conference: The 2006 eduWeb Conference is being held in the beautiful Sheraton Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD. The eduWeb Conference is […]

Branding the RSS feed

John Heilemann of Business 2.0 / has an interview with FeedBurner CEO Dick Costolo today. In addition to the interview, the article has a nice overview of RSS, its recent history, and thoughts on what’s to come in the industry. I particularly agree with Dick’s opinion on the state of RSS: Like the Web […]

Alternative ways to use RSS

Steve Rubel posted a list of 35 different uses for RSS feeds. I like this kind of post on RSS as it really illustrates how pervasive RSS is across the Internet. For those first using RSS feeds, the common perception is that they’re just web feeds or news feeds. This is very limited thinking. When […]

RSS feed publishing updates

I’ve had a slight pause in posting to my blog, but this was due to good circumstances. We’ve been incredibly busy with new releases to our products. EvolvePoint is currently finishing up a series of updates to our RSS feed creation service, FeedCraft. We’ve rolled out improvements in login management, enhanced support for enclosures (including […]

Pay to email, my take

With AOL and Yahoo potentially charging to guarantee email delivery, I suspect RSS will get more serious consideration from marketers. And how can it not? If this email deal holds up (from what I’ve read it’s not finalized), costs will skyrocket for many publishers ($2.5-$10 per thousand emails sent). My overall take on this is […]