Managing content with RSS

Seth Godin had some nice words about our FeedCraft product yesterday in his post, “If you have more than 100 pages of content…” But what if you don’t have a blog? What if you have a catalog? Or thousands of pages of web content? What if it’s Picasso’s birthday and you want to ping your subscribers and point them to both the Wikipedia entry on Picasso as well as the three pages on your art site that sell his posters?

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RSS as a trend for 2006

RSS is getting a lot of press recently as being the big thing for 2006 and well it should. We’re still only scratching the surface of what can and is being done with RSS feeds. I mentioned today in a speech that I really feel like a good analogy is that RSS is where email was about 10 years ago. Everything is going to change and soon. A few recent articles in CIO and ZDnet highlight RSS as being both

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The year of RSS?

I read an interesting article (via NewsGator blog) from USA Today Technology writer Kevin Maney on his 2006 predictions. The relevant one to EvolvePoint is that 2006 will be the year of RSS.

FeedCraft officially launched

As I previously mentioned, EvolvePoint officially launched our FeedCraft service today. FeedCraft is a web-based service that allows businesses to create and track RSS feeds without installing software or creating a blog for the sole purpose of having RSS feeds. We have a free version of the service, so I encourage anyone who’s interested to check it out. As usual, comments are welcome and appreciated. FeedCraft becomes the sister service to FeedMiner, our feed search engine.

Yahoo launches ads in feeds

I just received an email from the Yahoo Publisher Network (competing with Google AdSense) announcing their support of ads in RSS feeds. Interestingly, it looks like they’ve beat Google to the punch on this one. Google has had their ads for feeds in beta for a long time now and still no public release. We’ve experimented a bit with the Yahoo ads in some areas of FeedMiner and had mixed results. A larger data sample is likely needed to really

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Not a podcast

While reading Potomac Tech Wire email today (how about an RSS feed, please?), I read a news item stating that the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED) launched a weekly podcast. I don’t particularly care about what they had to say, but for some reason I was curious about this podcast. So, I click on the link and my fears are confirmed – the URL is straight to an MP3 file. A link to an MP3 file IS

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Google releases a feed reader

Google launched its feed reader today called the Google Reader. I’d like to be able to provide a review, but the entire site is moving very slowly. I’ll assume it’s an overload of traffic due to its recent release. There’s no Ajax swiftness going on right now, that’s for sure! I was able to add a single feed and the UI looks ok, but the Google Reader is still cranking away at importing my 200+ feeds from the OPML. It

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Yahoo releases RSS usage report

Yahoo released an RSS usage report whitepaper (via Scobleizer) that has some interesting key findings (especially if you’re in the RSS business as my company is). The report (full PDF, one-page summary PDF) is part of a much larger Yahoo! Publisher’s Guide to RSS site which has some nice resources including tutorials on submitting feeds, promoting feeds, tracking feeds, and their advertising programs. Some of the findings of the Yahoo! and Ipsos Insight RSS usage report were: â?¢ 12% of

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FeedMiner updates released

FeedMiner, EvolvePoint’s RSS feed search engine, had some major upgrades released today. These are not the type of improvements you see just from looking at the web pages, but they become apparent as you begin to perform some feed searches (especially if you have used the service since we launched). While in beta, we’ve had some great feedback and steadily increased traffic (Alexa Traffic Ranking now of 124,387 and a Google Page Rank of 5). But there were a few

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FeedCraft beta launch

EvolvePoint’s newest service, FeedCraft, has been launched as a soft beta. By that I mean that we’re having a small number of selected beta customers on the service and we’ll expand that in several rounds of testing before our production release. FeedCraft is an RSS feed creation and management service. The service allows you to create, manage, deliver, and track RSS feeds without installing any software as everything is run and managed on our servers. We’re currently accepting requests to

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