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Best mobile RSS readers

There’s a nice little thread on Engadget regarding mobile RSS readers. I had been experimenting with the beta of FeedBurner’s mobile RSS reader and it works, but nothing to get too excited about. From the comments on the Engadget post, I found the following to be getting the most votes as favorite mobile feed readers: […]

Newsgator buys FeedDemon

Well, the news is spreading the morning – Newsgator has bought FeedDemon. This looks like a win win situation for Newsgator, Nick Bradbury, and consumers of both products. As nick mentions in his blog, one of the biggest feature requests he was as yet unable to provide was synchronization between multiple computers. This was one […]

RSS news readers

Iâ??m currently on a quest to find an RSS news feed reader. Iâ??ve simply been using Firefox to this point to manage my feeds, but Iâ??ve found Iâ??ve outgrown the basic functionality provided by the browser and its extensions. Iâ??ve just installed trial versions of FeedDemon and NewsGator Outlook version. Iâ??m debating whether to use a separate app or keep everything within Microsoft Outlook. As a heavy Outlook user, the integration makes sense. The problem is there are less of the really useful features included compared to the stand-alone applications. Specifically, I like the built-in browser functionality in FeedDemon as well as its watchlists and “news clipping” features.

FeedDemon is created by Nick Bradbury, the creator of TopStyle and Homesite. The usability of Homesite was outstanding, so I have high expectations for this product. After I pound on both these software products, Iâ??ll post a more detailed commentary.

I’ve also tried FeedReader, but it was woefully lacking features. If all you need is a basic feed reader (thatâ??s free), I guess this is a viable option. Iâ??d stick with using a browser over FeedReader though.

If anyone has suggestions on other great RSS feed readers, please let me know.