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Remote data backup service review

My sister called me last night asking for help locating some possibly deleted files on her laptop. As we went through the process of locating these possibly permanently lost files, we had a brief discussion about backup options and how to prevent this in the future. I mentioned a service I use called Mozy that has been […]

GotAPI is a must-have development resource

If you’re doing any kind of development, you should probably bookmark this site – I stumbled on the site a while back, bookmarked it, but never though of it again. Then I read this post on Ajaxian and took another look. Billing itself as “the most comprehensive API collection on the web”, I’d have […]

Online polls with PollDaddy

Richard MacManus of Read/WriteWeb writes that PollDaddy has launched into public beta. I’ve seen so many of these apps that I’ve largely ignored them. I figured if and when I had a need for a poll, I’d go check them all out. PollDaddy looked simple enough to get started though that I finally tried creating a […]

Review: Microsoft Max feed reader

I must be on some Microsoft review binge this week. Yesterday, Windows Live Writer, today Microsoft Max. The Microsoft Max application is promoted as photo viewing and sharing software, but the latest release of Max included an RSS feed reader.  This feature is what has caused some interest (read reviews from Niall Kennedy and TechCrunch). My review is […]

Flock beta release

I tried the Flock web browser several months ago and was somewhat critical of the software. For those unfamiliar with Flock, the application is a new web browser to compete with the likes of Internet Explorer and FireFox. Flock is built upon the Mozilla code, the same as FireFox. Many of the same FireFox extensions […]

Pass on IE beta 2

I installed the Internet Explorer 7 beta 2 yesterday and I wish I hadn’t. Aside from the fact that the new IE still isn’t comparable to FireFox, the damn thing broke how I use my feed reader, FeedDemon. Let me explain. FeedDemon is a standalone, desktop feed reader. Built into the software is an IE […]

Apple releases Boot Camp

Apple announced that it has released Boot Camp into a public beta. The software allows you to install and run Windows XP on an Intel-based Mac. â??Apple has no desire or plan to sell or support Windows, but many customers have expressed their interest to run Windows on Appleâ??s superior hardware now that we use […]

Firefox 1.5 is released

I saw that Firefox 1.5 was released today. I just downloaded it and will install later. I’m hoping they fixed a nasty memory leak I’ve been seeing, but haven’t had time to look into. Some of the new features include