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GotAPI is a must-have development resource

If you’re doing any kind of development, you should probably bookmark this site –

gotAPI.comI stumbled on the site a while back, bookmarked it, but never though of it again. Then I read this post on Ajaxian and took another look.

Billing itself as “the most comprehensive API collection on the web”, I’d have to agree. Once you start typing in some keywords, their API search box uses Ajax to quickly pull up relevant results across any of the APIs you select as you type.

I really like the idea of having one site to search through different languages, frameworks, and tools. If you’re using multiple technologies, I highly recommend this as a resource. My only criticism is I wish there were even more APIs included especially some of the lesser known libraries. It appears gotAPI will support more of these, but it’s up to the maintainers to submit to them.

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